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1000 USD

Participation Plan

for the  initial users

without the need for prior knowledge.

CatMex-Capital operates and manages the funds through a “Pool” profile where it accumulates the profits and disperses them at each end of the current month in an equitable manner with the entire Community.

Without conditions of permanence and the user can request the withdrawal of their capital at any time, receiving it at the end of the current month.

Minimum withdrawal of balance or returns 100 USD

Receive a monthly account statement with updated balances, returns and withdrawals.

Possibility of practicing compound interest with returns.

Personalized support and administration attention.

Access to diversification of returns in new opportunities and promotions.

Free tax advice and training.

Use currency BITCOIN, for capital inflows and outflows (Crypto-Friendly System) to prevent volatility with an account estimated in US dollars USD.

Administrative charges:  


2% Commission applicable at the entry of the Investment

1% Commission applicable to Investment Withdrawals

Calculate your

Compra Criptomonedas

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in the  More secure exchanges

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When we talk about Exchanges we refer to the exchange platforms or markets that allow you to buy or sell cryptocurrencies in a more secure way.

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